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The official definition of stormwater under the N.J.A.C. 7:14A rules is as follows:

'Stormwater' means water resulting from precipitation (including rain and snow) that runs off the land's surface, is transmitted to the subsurface, is captured by separate storm sewers or other sewage or drainage facilities, or is conveyed by snow removal equipment.


Stormwater Coordinator Contact

For more information and questions on the stormwater program, please contact:

Robert Martucci, P.E. - Principal
Martucci Engineering LLC

Stormwater FAQs

Where does stormwater go?

Stormwater flows directly into our rivers, lakes, streams, and the ocean or into a stormwater system through a storm drain.

Stormwater Resources

It takes a village, well, Borough.

Stormwater Management Documents

Stormwater Prevention Plan, Management Plan, and other documents

Stormwater Ordinances

Understand Milford Borough Stormwater rules § 190-45 Stormwater management

Stormwater Resources

Click HERE to learn more information about stormwater and get educational resources.

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