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Animal Control Officer

Advanced Animal Control LLC

PO Box 113

Stockton, NJ  088609

Phone:  609-915-9013

Residents, Please contact Advanced Animal Control directly for the best service.

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Daytime 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM 365 days a year

  • Injured or deceased dogs or cats

  • Owner unknown, unavailable, or unable to handle situation

  • Confirmed stray, domestic animals

  • Aggressive animal at large

  • Bite cases

  • Cats "stray" or unsocialized, guidance

  • Sick/Injured/ophaned wildlife

  • Wildlife in homes

  • Healthy wildlife consultation

  • Transport of owned dogs and cats to a veterinary hospital with the contracted service area for owners who are truly unable to get their animals to the hospital, e.g., elderly, physical limiations

Evenings 5:01 PM - 7:59 AM 365 days a year

  • Confined stray dogs

  • Injured dogs and cats

  • Stray dogs or cats involved in bite cases when the animal is still at the scene of the incident

  • Deceased dogs and cats who have expired inside the home

  • Bats/other wildlife in living space of home (bedroom,kitchen,living room, etc.)

  • Sick/Injured/Orphaned wildlife

  • Other true emergencies when animal control officer on duty has spoken with police and deemed a response is necessary

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